Population structure is changing both in the world and in Turkey. As a result of this change the population of the elderly increase. The 6.8% of the population in Turkey consists of elderly people. Projections show that this percentage will be over 10%. Also, urbanization rate rise and traditional family structure change. Depending upon these changes, the needs for elderly care increase. There are members of the profession providing services in different dimensions. However, since there is no occupational group to deal with the elderly entirely, the need for an intermediate staff to profesionally conduct services has occurred. In spite of the fact that the increasing elderly population and their need for care, the number qualified professionals in the fields of elderly health, care, treatment and rehabilitation and number of institutions providing services to the elderly are inadequate in Turkey. The aim of this program is to educate intermediate staff that provides services to all elderly both the ones that need care and the ones that do not need care and rehabilitation and to provide contribution to increase the life quality of the elderly.

The title that the graduates from the program will receive:

Students graduating from this program gets the title of Health Technician (Elderly Care).


Places to be employed for the graduates of the program:

Graduates of the program can be employed in Social Services and Child Protection Agency in which elderly care services are conucted, Municipalities, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Terminal-Term Care Centers, Home-Care Centers, Civil Society Organizations; nursin homes, elderly nursing homes, poorhouse, day centers for the elderly, private and voluntary organizations carrying out health care services at various levels (for example General Management of the Red Crescent) ant etc health units.

Students who graduate from this program are able to pass the vertical transfer of the faculties of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nursing and Health Services and Nursing departments.