Physical therapy after a specialist doctor’s diagnosis includes providing needed treatment methods to individuals in circumstances where movement defects occur by injury, disease and aging, pain and function disorders. Physiotherapy Technician: Physiotherapy technician is a health personel working under the control of the physical therapist specialist and the physiotherapist in order to provide safe, efficient and qualified health services. Population aging, trafic or industrial accidents increase the need for physical therapy and rehabilitation services both in Turkey and in the world.


The title that the graduates from the program will receive:

Students graduating from this program gets the title of Health Technician (Physioteraphy)


Places to be employed for the graduates of the program:

Graduates of the program can work in Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Municipalities, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers, Prosthetic-Orthotic Production and Rehabilitation Centers, Primary Health organizations, Industrial Areas, Schools, Sports Clubs, Nursing Homes, Vocational Rehabilitation Centers, Spa Centers, Home Health Care Centers.

Students who graduate from this program are able to pass the vertical transfer of the faculties of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation departments.